New maps show wall of snow covering length of UK

Met Office warns of snow for some areas of UK

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The weather maps forecast a return to intense wintry weather for the UK in March. The WXCharts’ maps suggest that the extreme blizzards could leave the UK blanketed in snow, with as much as 19cm in places, while temperatures could drop as low as -11C. It is thought that the unusually freezing temperatures and snow depth will be brought about by a sudden stratospheric warming (SSW) event. 

The same weather phenomenon preceded the infamous Beast from the East of 2018 which caused weeks of freezing temperatures, heavy snow, and damaging winds.

Maps from WXCharts show two blizzards smashing into the UK in the course of just three days in the second full week of March.

The first is expected to hit the south of the nation in the early hours of Thursday, March 9, impacting most of the country south of Birmingham overnight.

Cardiff appears to be set to bear the worst of the initial flurry of snow, with London also at risk of a snow dump.

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Over the course of the first blizzard, both Cardiff and Yorkshire could see snow falling at a staggeringly rapid rate, around 10cm per hour, according to the maps.

The second major blizzard is expected to land in the UK in the early hours of Saturday, March 11.

WXCharts maps show a gigantic weather front bringing intense snowfall, stretching from Northern Ireland across the UK.

Scotland and northern England will bear the brunt of the blizzard, leaving several places with a snow depth of 10cm on the Saturday.

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The rest of the country should also expect a rapid flurry of snow, including Belfast, Manchester, Cardiff, Birmingham, London, and Southampton.

Many of these cities could see as much as 10cm of snow falling an hour.

The blizzard will intensify overnight, and by Sunday, March 12, the snow depth in Scotland could be as high as 19cm, while northern England and Midlands could see up to 18cm snow depth.


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Another map detailing temperatures in the UK on the Sunday shows an Arctic freeze gripping the country, with temperatures sinking as low as -11 in Scotland and northern England.

British Weather Services’ Jim Dale said: “There’s no reason we won’t be seeing those kinds of temperatures if the profile I’m expecting does eventuate.

“Snow could well be involved, it certainly will be for Scotland and the chances are that will also be the case for a good part of the UK.

“That’s your cold air coming out of the Arctic and moving in this direction.

“It does look though it will envelop us – to a point anyway – and around the 3rd or 4th of March and onwards from there.”

A long-range forecast from the Met Office for Tuesday, February 28 to Thursday, March 9 reads: “Brisk winds expected in southern areas, with the risk of a few wintry showers. Northern areas will see more mild conditions.”

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