New claim of Putin body double as confused despot looks for watch on wrong wrist

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    Fresh claims of Vladimir Putin's use of a body double were aired after the despot was spotted checking the wrong wrist for his watch.

    The Russian president spotted glancing at his left arm during a Russian Council for Strategic Development and National Projects meeting, and people caught on to his blunder.

    Seemingly confused at where he placed his watch, the warmonger's glance to his left arm and subsequently his right, has seen some claim a body double is present.

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    Putin has always worn watches on his right arm, making the seemingly innocuous moment one for Telegram conspiracy theorists to tear into as a new sign of body double use.

    It was believed Putin, 70, was pushing to "create the appearance of active work", as the General SVR Telegram channel claims the sickly-looking president was reliant on doppelgangers.

    They wrote the "wrong wrist" moment for the alleged lookalike gave the game away and the "embarrassment" which followed could unveil proof of a body double.

    Further allegations of video tampering were levelled at the Kremlin, with the Telegram channel claiming the footage was doctored to edit out the blunder.

    They said: "The double completely forgot that Putin wears a watch on his right hand, out of habit raised his left hand to check the time. Not finding a watch there, [he] embarrassedly lowered it."

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    Preceding the watch gaffe was the ploy to create an "active work" appearance, where Putin was seen "diligently wielding a pen, writing down some nonsense on his papers" while "not forgetting to cough and grunt imitating the president".

    The channel has long claimed Putin is terminally ill and now reliant on body doubles to make public appearances on his behalf.

    General SVR further claimed: "The real Putin would never try to look at the time on the hand where he does not wear a watch and would not be surprised at the absence of a watch on his left hand, since he always wears them on his right hand."

    Political analyst Dr Valery Solovey claims the president can "hardly get out of bed" and Western leaders were aware he was "getting worse literally day by day".

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