Navy seizes submarine packed to the brim with 3.5 TONNES of cocaine in Mexico

Mexican Navy seized a submersible in the Pacific Ocean with 3.5 tonnes of suspected cocaine as five people of different nationalities were arrested.‌ According to the Navy, the vessel is 26 metres long, has two internal engines, an average speed of eight knots and a range of 20 days.

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Semar (Secretariat of the Navy) reported that it is the first of its kind to be seized in 2023 and it has the largest cargo capacity that has been seized in Mexico in the current administration.

‌With this important blow to drug trafficking, a total of 21,295 kilograms of cocaine have been seized at sea this year and 121 people have been arrested on the high seas carrying out illicit activities.

‌Semar emphasised that this narco sub was tracked by planes and vessels. Interceptor patrols were also positioned to stop the illicit vessel. 

The procedure was carried out with the support of a helicopter, finding a cargo of approximately 186 packages of suspected cocaine.

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‌Secretariat of the Navy said: “The success of the mission was achieved thanks to the training of the naval personnel, as the elements boarded the illicit vessel in motion, under conditions of strong winds and waves on the high seas.”

The seized material and the detained persons will be taken to La Paz, Baja California Sur to be handed over to the competent authorities for investigation.

Interceptor patrols were also positioning themselves to interdict the illegal vessel, which took place with the support of the helicopter, finding a load of approximately 186 packages of presumed cocaine.

‌It should be noted that the seizure was made 560 nautical miles from La Paz.

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The nationality of the crew members was also confirmed. Three come from Ecuador, one from Mexico and one from Colombia.

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