National Lottery hunts for winner who hasnt realised theyre now a millionaire

Everyone loves that feeling of finding an unexpected tenner in their pocket – now imagine realising you have £7.4 million waiting for you to collect.

For one lucky Brit, that is exactly the case, as the National Lottery has put out a search for one unclaimed ticket.

It's urging people to double and triple check their numbers as to not lose out on this life-changing amount of money.

Camelot, the company that runs the National Lottery, has been on the hunt for two weeks now and just put out an updated search.

Andy Carter, Senior Winners Advisor at Camelot, said: “Did you receive an unchecked ticket in the draw last weekend? Well, that could change your life.”

What are the winning National Lottery numbers?

On June 18, the National Lottery drew out the numbers for a massive £7,440,150 jackpot, with everyone expecting a winner to come forward almost immediately.

However, two weeks on, still no one has, but they simply might not realise they are sitting on the winning numbers.

These are 11, 14, 46, 39, 42 and 59.

Andy from Camelot added: "It's been a busy two months for me and Lotto's team to create a great 24 million millionaire, and I hope it continues.

"All winners have the opportunity to change their lives and the lives of those around them, whether at home, on holidays, or in support activities near them."

What happens when National Lottery wins go unclaimed?

If you miss the call to claim your prize money, you still have 180 days to collect your winnings after the draw day.

After two weeks, the details of the prize are revealed to the public in the hopes of coaxing the winner out of hiding.

If the money isn’t claimed after the 180-day cut-off point, the money doesn’t simply go back to the National Lottery, as the organisation reinvests it into community projects throughout the UK.

As stated on the National Lottery website: “If no one comes forward in the 180 days then the prize money, plus all the interest it has generated while it is held in trust, goes to National Lottery-funded projects across the UK.

“Our players change the lives of individuals as well as communities by raising, on average, over £34million for National Lottery-funded projects every week.”

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