Nan taken to hospital with head injuries after fall hit with £155 parking fine

A nan who was rushed to hospital with head injuries after a fall has been slapped with a £155 parking fine.

Rose Sharman was ferried away by ambulance after she smashed her face and arm when she stumbled over uneven cobblestones while doing her weekly shop.

The 70-year-old had parked in Morrisons carpark, but was kept in overnight for observations, after suffering from injuries which were so bad she was unable to open her left eye for two days.

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Her daughter collected her Ford Fiesta from the Morrisons carpark in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire, later that day.

But three months later the pensioner received a £155 penalty notice from Euro Car Parks, which operates the carpark, saying she breached the three-hour maximum stay.

The letter stated that an ANPR camera photographed Rose’s car entering the carpark at 10am on March 25 and leaving at 3.10pm.

Rose, from Wellingborough, said: “I usually park in the multi-storey car park but I wanted some fuel so I parked in Morrisons.

“I went into town to get some bits and pieces.

"I remember coming up the steps and out of the Swansgate Shopping Centre. The next thing I knew I was on the floor, there was this woman saying ‘are you alright?’ It was awful.

“I really didn’t think about the car.

“I went into Morrisons but they said the car park doesn’t belong to them.”

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Rose was rushed by ambulance to Kettering General Hospital where she was treated for severe bruising and grazing and kept overnight with suspected concussion.

Her family wrote to the firm and explained the reasons she left her car was because she was in A&E.

Granddaughter Amy Garrett, 31, said: “It’s an appalling way to treat my gran.

“She’s only recently lost her husband and now she’s got this to deal with.

“When they wrote to us they said gran should have told them about her medical emergency before the time ran out on the car but she was in hospital with head injuries.

“She was hardly in a fit state to explain why she couldn’t drive.”

Euro Car Parks rejected the appeal and said Rose should have informed them of the emergency.

They said: “Any medical problems you were experiencing at site on the above date were not reported so no provision could be made, therefore parking charge notice was issued correctly and remains payable.”

The Daily Star has contacted Euro Car Parks for comment.

Rose has been told her case has now been passed to a debt recovery service.

The gran-of-nine said: “I can’t afford this money, I don’t see why I should have to pay this money. I didn’t do this intentionally. It’s making me feel depressed.”

A North Northamptonshire Council spokesman said: “Work has been carried out by Highways to repair paving at this location.”


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