Naked woman filmed walking around Brit holiday hotspot sparks outrage

Furious Indonesian police are attempting to track down two women after one filmed the other strutting around naked.

The brazen act outraged authorities on the island of Bali – a top tourist destination – who now want to question the women.

Footage supplied to officers showed the women walking around the village of Canggu while one posed for snaps by the side of the road while she was totally naked.

Her pal, who was fully clothed, then recorded her friend walk across the street.

When the naked woman reached the other side, her pal also crossed over to hand her some clothes.

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Bali police spokesman Gusti Agung Kerta Suryanegara said the incident had “caused a stir” on the island.

He added that police were trying to locate the two women and were gathering information that could lead officers to them.

Mr Suryangara continued: “It’s disrupting order, which means it was inappropriate and not in accordance with our culture and nature.”

The incident enraged locals, with many venting their fury online.

One Indonesian said: “People like this should be arrested, fined, deported and banned from the country for life.

“Without taking tough action, we are just jokes to them.”

It is not the first time that locals have become enraged over the naked antics of tourists.

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