Mummified womans face shrank in days after nightmare beauty treatment

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A devastated woman has described how she "lost her face" following a "nightmare beauty treatment".

Svetlana, 37, from Russia, underwent the beauty treatment as her boyfriend at the time told her she looked "old".

She said: "My then-boyfriend kept telling me – supposedly as a joke – 'you’re old – I’ll find myself a younger model'."

Subconsciously she believed him and tried to improve her face with cosmetic surgery and went to a surgeon in March 2020.

The medic assured her that the Longidaza would break down excess gel under the skin beneath her eyes, she said.

She had other treatments too, injecting gel into her cheeks and into her nasolabial fold, while also receiving enzyme and hyaluronic filler in one procedure.

The 37-year-old said: "I went to the mirror and saw that my face had begun to change. The skin under my eyes dried up and literally fell through.

"In the morning, the volume of dried tissue under the eyes increased even more. Rapid changes were taking place, every hour my face was altering. Within three days, not only the under-eye but also the upper eyelid was completely dry.

"My eyebrows dropped down, the outer corners of the eyes dropped. I couldn't understand what was going on."

She has been told subsequently that Longidaza, an allergenic anti-scar drug, was "eating away at my tissues".

Svetlana said: "I didn’t realise at the time that it was irreversible."

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Her beautician Dr Irina Freimanis then injected more gel but also used more of the new drug, this time giving her treatment for free, said the victim.

The new fillers caused her pain but did not solve the worsening problem.

Surgeons and ophthalmologists warned her that due to damage to her eye area, her vision would be impaired.

She added: "Everyone asked what happened to me, why I didn’t look like myself, what was wrong with my eyes. I continued to swell a lot and stopped leaving the house so as not to scare anyone. My face shrank like during mummification."

She went to the Russian Investigative Committee, which is now examining the case and was medically checked as she sought a way out.

"Some doctors told me: 'Yes, this drug has corroded your face, it is irreversible'."

Her cosmetologist – who is contesting the case – was caught on video saying: "Go and prove I injected you with Longidaza."

The architect says she bitterly regrets undergoing the treatment, saying: "I now look at my photos and videos before this and I see that everything was good.

"I am very sorry that I even applied for any procedure. I wish I hadn't. I just wanted to correct the minimal age-related changes, but I could not even think that my face would be ditched in such a way that it would cost me my whole life.

"Even after (restorative) surgery, it will be a completely different face, and the skin will not be completely restored."

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