Mum, 71, celebrates ‘miracle tot’ turning 3 after family cut ties over pregnancy

A pensioner couple have celebrated their child's third birthday after they defied China 's two-child policy and went ahead with a miracle pregnancy.

Mr Huang, 71, and his wife Ms Tian, 70, had to prove themselves to the government and their family after they delivered the surprise news.

Ms Tian, from Shandong province, conceived their daughter, Tianci Huang, naturally at the age of 67 – causing a rift with other members of the family.

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Tianci, which stands for 'heaven-sent' or 'gift from heaven', was born on October 25, 2019.

Images of the girl celebrating her third birthday along with her grey-haired father, Mr Huang, and mum Ms Tian, show the happy trio at a small party at a local restaurant.

"Happy birthday to Tianci," the couple said together, with the mother adding: "Hope she can grow up healthily."

Among the most hostile to the idea of a new member to the family were the couple's now adult children, a son and a daughter, who threatened to cut all ties with them.

The daughter is now 40 with an adult child of her own.

The mother said: "I have two grandchildren. My oldest granddaughter is 18 and starting university; the other is in secondary school.

"When my children found out I was pregnant, both of them hoped I would have an abortion. My daughter even said she would cut ties with me if I went through with the pregnancy.

"I didn't want this either. Why would I want another child at this age? But she happened, and test results were positive, so we considered her a gift from heaven.

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"This pregnancy was of course nothing like having my previous two children. I was young then but really struggled this time.

"It was painful, far too painful. It hurt so much, I couldn't keep my eyes open."

Tianci's birth caused controversy in China, where members of the online community have questioned how the elderly couple will be physically able – or afford – to raise her.

The new mum said at the time that she was surprised when her monthly period returned which was followed by an accidental pregnancy with Huang Tianci in 2019.

The mother's husband told local media: "We did not mean to violate the law. I will suggest an administrative review or launch a lawsuit if I am fined for this."

In China, couples are not allowed more than two children, although the government has reportedly been less stringent on applying the policy after revising the family planning norms in 2016.

At her birthday party, Tianci's father, a former lawyer, said: "Today is Huang Tianci's third birthday, and Tianci will keep everybody company year after year."

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