Much of UK expected to be hotter than Maldives as temperatures soar to 34C

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Temperatures will be higher than in the Maldives in many areas of the UK today with a third consecutive hottest day of the year forecasted.

A dangerously high 34C is predicted in London and East Anglia and the extreme conditions have even persuaded Royal Ascot to dispense with tradition and allow male racegoers to take off their jackets, hats and ties for only the second time in the meeting's history.

Kew Gardens and Heathrow hit 29.3C yesterday, which saw the mercury edge a degree higher than the 28.3C recorded in Northolt on Wednesday.

A high of 26.1C was also recorded in Cardiff, but Scotland and Northern Ireland were decidedly cooler with Edinburgh reaching 21.4C and Derrylin 20.6C.

A Level 3 Heat Health Alert has been issued for London, the East of England and the South East today (Friday 17), which follows on from Tuesday's Level 2 warning.

Away from those regions, meanwhile, the rest of England and Wales are expected by the Met Office to see temperatures between 27C to 30C today.

Health officials have warned that it could become a serious issue for at-risk groups such as the elderly and those suffering from chronic health conditions like Parkinson's and diabetes.

A third day of temperatures meeting or rising above regional thresholds would also mean the UK has officially experienced a heatwave.

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There is also speculation as to whether today might even see the UK's highest-ever recorded temperature for a day in June.

That was witnessed in 1976 (with records dating back to 1884) when Southampton's Mayflower Park was a balmy 35.6C on June 28.

Milder weather more typical of the time of year is still expected this weekend.

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