Moment Russian tank in hull-down position is blown up by Ukrainian artillery

Russian tank is hit directly by Ukrainian artillery, Zaporizhzhia Oblast

Dramatic aerial footage captures the moment a Russian tank is blown to smithereens by Ukrainian artillery fire.

The vehicle is seen hull-down in an unspecified location on the front line.

Nestled in a trench, the tank’s cover is blown when it’s lit up by artillery fire.

In an instant, the tank explodes, igniting a huge fireball that engulfs the sky.

Thick plumes of smoke then rise from the wreckage.

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It marks the latest defeat in Vladimir Putin’s spluttering invasion of Ukraine.

The war-torn country is slowly but surely recapturing areas occupied by Russian forces in the south as its counteroffensive grinds on.

Russia retaliated with a missile strike on the southern Zaporizhzhia region over the weekend.

The governor of Ukraine’s partly occupied region, Yurii Malashko, said five people were wounded on Saturday in two missile strikes on the village of Matviivka, located on the northeastern outskirts of the regional capital, also called Zaporizhzhia.

Air defences shot down 30 out of 40 Iranian-made kamikaze drones aimed at the Odesa, Mykolaiv and Vinnytsia provinces overnight, the Ukrainian air force said on Saturday.

Vinnytsia regional Gov. Serhii Borzov said that air defences shot down 20 drones over his central Ukrainian region, but that a “powerful fire” broke out in the town of Kalynivka when a drone struck an unspecified infrastructure facility.

Romania’s Ministry of National Defense said Saturday that a possible unauthorized entry into its national airspace occurred overnight amid the bombardment.

It said the radar surveillance system of the Romanian Army detected “a possible unauthorised entry” into the national airspace of NATO member Romania, with a signal detected toward the city of Galati, which is close to the border with Ukraine.

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“At this moment, no objects have been identified that fell from the airspace onto the national territory,” the statement read, adding that NATO allies were informed in real-time and that searches will continue through Saturday.

Emergency authorities issued text message alerts overnight to residents living in the counties of Galati and Tulcea, after detecting what the defence ministry said was “groups of drones heading toward Ukrainian territory” near the border.

Meanwhile, Russia’s Defense Ministry said Saturday that it had shot down nine Ukrainian rockets fired at its southern Belgorod region, which borders Ukraine.

Belgorod Gov. Vyacheslav Gladkov said that an artillery shell created a crater and shrapnel damaged a house, a store and a gas pipeline in an attack on the regional capital, also called Belgorod.

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