Model poses in lingerie and hijab outside mosque in outrage-inducing photoshoot

An influencer has sparked outrage for offending religious worshippers when a video showed her posing in saucy black lingerie outside a mosque.

Photographer Maria Katanova, who works as an online marketer, and the unnamed model faced backlash for taking a photoshoot outside the Moscow Cathedral Mosque in the capital city of Russia.

The short video shows the influencer covering her hair in a hijab and wearing a long cream-coloured coat as she poses across the road in front of the site.

She turns around and flings open her coat, revealing her curves in a black lingerie outfit, paired with knee-high boots.

A police patrol car is seen driving past behind the pair when they are taking pictures on the snow-capped pavement.

The video has infuriated Muslim devotees and Maria has seen apologised online.

She pointed out that the campaign for the photoshoot involves a number of different models posing outside religious buildings.

She wrote on Instagram: "I did not have any intention of hurting the feelings of worshippers.

"The aim was just the opposite, to prevent this wave of hype, which began with photoshoots of half-naked influencers against the backdrop of religious buildings.

"I regret that the video ended up on the Internet with a different meaning."

Lawyer Alexandra Gudimenko said Maria could face a fine under section 2 of article 148 of the Criminal Code if prosecuted.

When asked if Maria should face prosecution for her involvement in the photoshoot, Ukrainian-born Russian political commentator Anatoly Wasserman said: "I would not want to see that.

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"I would, of course, prefer that there is an opportunity to reason with such people.

"Unfortunately, it's too late for older children to be spanked for their stupidity."

Naila Ziganshina, head of the Union of Muslim Women of Russia, said she does not know if Maria's brain "worked properly" and that the photoshoot was only set up to "attract attention".

It is unclear if a police investigation has been launched into the incident.

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