Millionairess murdered by toy boy lover who dumped body in churchyard

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    A "parasitic" man who conned a woman out of hundreds of thousands of pounds was found guilty of her murder.

    Serkan Kaygusuz, 42, hid the body of 70-year-old Norma Girolami and killed her when she stopped giving him money, after conning her out of £300,000.

    Despite denying murdering the millionairess, it only took 19 minutes for an Old Bailey jury to come to the decision that the 42-year-old was guilty of her murder.

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    Kaygusuz is believed to have suffocated or strangled Ms Girolami, before wrapping her body in sheets of plastic.

    He then disposed of her body by burying it in a churchyard of St James the Great in Friern Barnet, north London.

    It was 15 months later when the body was discovered after Kaygusuz attempted to convince Ms Girolami's friends she was still alive by sending them text messages.

    During his plan, he attempted to change his name, move to Canada and clear out her bank account.

    He pleaded guilty to several charges including theft by stealing, perverting the course of justice by hiding her body, theft and fraud by stealing her bank cards and jewellery.

    The pair met at Archway leisure centre in 2017 as they soon partook in a brief sexual relationship.

    While Kaygusuz had no explanation on how Ms Girolami came to her demise, his lawyer suggested she may have died of a heart attack after falling over.

    Prosecutor Jocelyn Ledward said: "By August, the defendant must have realised that his comfortable parasitic lifestyle was not going to continue: he was simply not going to get any more out of Ms Girolami. At least not whilst she was alive."

    The defendant was said to have made several "sinister searches" online for garden tools, caustic soda, hydrochloric acid, "deed for property transfer" and "will and testament".

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    Kaygusuz also purchased bought rope, a "soft ball full mesh mouth plug with adjustable belt" which could be used to restrain a person, as well as tools such as handcuffs, gloves, plastic overalls and tape.

    Ms Ledward told the jurors: "They can only have had one purpose when acquired by the defendant – to restrain and kill Norma Girolami, to conceal her remains by burying them, and ensuring the defendant did not get dirty and acquire any forensic traces in the process."


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