Millhaven inmates who refused to lock down due to COVID-19 concerns are now in lockdown: CSC

Correctional Service Canada (CSC) says a group of inmates at Millhaven Institution who were previously refusing to go under lockdown due to concerns over COVID-19 preparations have agreed to lockdown.

On Monday, Global News received a call from an Millhaven inmate who complained that offenders at the institution are not being given personal hygiene products or surgical masks to protect themselves from catching the virus.

He also said inmates had refused to lock up because visits have been cancelled along with programs.

On Monday, CSC spokesperson Kyle Lawlor said the federal agency took measures to protect staff and offenders from contracting the novel coronavirus by suspending visits at institutions across the country.

All visits from the public and volunteers, temporary absences from institutions, unless medically necessary and work releases for offenders have been suspended for the time-being.

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