Met Office verdict as Indian summer blast will propel temps to a sizzling 77F

An Indian summer heat plume is set to arrive in Britain within the week – and the Met Office has given its take on how long it will last. 

A forecaster exclusively told that the UK will bake in sizzling temperatures of up to 25C by next Sunday, October 7 as the mercury begins to climb towards the latter end of this week.

Hailing the start of an Indian summer, Jim Dale, a senior meteorologist for British Weather Services said the hot temperatures could hang around until mid-month. 

It will come from a surge of heat drifting up from the continent which is set to push via southern England on Thursday, engulfing the entire country by the weekend with summer-like weather. 

While the Met Office refuses to use terms such as Indian summer, due to its lack of meteorological meaning, the forecaster told that forecasts and weather maps are correct – “very warm” conditions are on the way.

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Marco Petagna, senior operational meteorologist at the Met Office said: “There is the possibility of some very warm temperatures developing across the UK, particularly England and Wales for a few days around next weekend.

“We could see highs widely into the low to mid-20Cs here, although turning a little cooler thereafter. Our 30-day forecast continues to suggest that October is likely to be a warmer than average month overall.”

The forecaster’s long-range outlook from Friday, October 6 to October 15 suggests a warmer period will hang around, but that the country will not be universally warm consistently throughout the month.

It says: “A split in conditions is likely to develop across the UK early in the period. Further rain is expected in north-western areas, which could turn heavy, particularly over higher, westwards-facing ground and strong winds are also possible in these areas.

“Southern areas, in contrast, are likely to remain much drier with light winds and some clear spells, which could lead to some overnight patches of mist and fog.

“Temperatures are likely to be above average for many, especially so in the south where some unusually warm temperatures for October are possible.

“These temperatures are likely to trend downward toward the middle of the month, with the northwest-southeast split also slowly becoming less distinct as the weather becomes generally more changeable.”

As the month continues, cooler nights are to be expected, causing temperatures to dramatically drop – especially in the north and in isolated parts of Scotland. 

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In its outlook from October 15 to 29, it forecasts a potentially warm run-up to Halloween. It says: “Changeable conditions at the start of this period may give way to a more slowly evolving weather pattern later in October.

“This would result in some drier, settled spells, especially towards the northwest. Some wet weather is still possible at times, most likely in the south where some spots may be wetter than usual.

“Temperatures are more likely to be above average than below average overall, which means that by day conditions will often feel quite pleasant in sunshine.

“Chilly nights are to be expected during more settled periods, bringing a risk of frost and also a chance of mist and fog patches which could be quite slow to clear from some spots.”

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