Met Office rubbishes 40c scorcher next week – but its not all bad news

The Met Office has rubbished claims that a heatwave exceeding 40C will take place next week – but experts said Brits can expect highs of 30C.

The UK were told to brace themselves for the scorching temperatures, which would have potentially been a historic moment for Brits.

It comes after a supercomputer model suggested for the first time ever, that the mercury could reach 41C from July 11 onwards.

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But Met Office meteorologist Annie Shuttleworth said it was unlikely that the UK would experience such extreme heat next week, reports The Mirror.

One model from The Weather Outlook forecast astonishing highs of 40C in Bristol on July 14 and a blistering 41C in London two days later.

If such temperatures were to happen, they would exceed the highest ever recorded in the UK at 38.7C in Cambridge on July 25, 2019.

According to Shuttleworth, It is more likely that Brits will experience temperatures above 30C – especially on Monday and Tuesday.

She said: "The most likely situation for next week is temperatures in the low 30s.

"Further ahead there's a lot less confidence – those high temperatures could stay for the rest of next week but could also possibly cool down again."

Referring to the rest of this week, she said: "We're expecting a warm spell for the rest of this week and over the weekend. Many areas will remain dry and sunny as high pressure dominates the weather for much of the UK.

"This will allow temperatures to increase day on the day for the rest of the week and over the weekend. It will be in the mid to high 20s in central and southern areas over the weekend."

Meteorologist Aidan McGivern also had good news for sun-seeking Brits, saying next week will be hotter than usual and it's unclear just how far above average the temperatures will be. Meanwhile, he urged caution over the astonishing 41C forecast.

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He said: "So what we can say for the likes of London and more especially across the southern half of the UK is that we'll see a warming trend through this week and into next week.

"Temperatures will be above average, but just how far above average those temperatures end up, well, that is open to uncertainty at the moment."

He added: "So a lot of uncertainty about the numbers of those temperatures next week, but the trends are clear. It's turning drier, brighter and warmer in many places."

The Weather Outlook founder and meteorologist Brian Gaze explained that the estimates only represent a possibility and can change multiple times until the actual event occurs.

The predictions come from the Global Ensemble Forecast System which is run by the National Centres for Environmental Prediction.

"We can’t be specific when we are looking more than a week ahead, but, at the top end, some of these models have shown extremely hot conditions of up to 41C," he told the Express.

"It's certainly the first time that I've seen a computer model show 40C degrees in the UK.

"At the moment, the current prediction models for the same period of time show temperatures within the low 30s."


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