Met Office long-range forecast: What will the weather be like in July? Maps and charts

Met Office weather forecasters predicted a sunny end to June, as temperatures spiked towards the all-time highest for the time of year. While temperatures stopped a shade short of 35C in some parts of the country, others were not so lucky. Following days saw the mercury drop by up to 10C, giving way to torrential rain and cloud cover.

What will the weather be like in July?

The inclement weather in the final days of June has leeched into the mid-year, with chilly climes and regular showers continuing their offensive on the UK.

On average, most storm spells have followed an unsettled spot of sun, making the day’s weather tough to take advantage of.

Forecasters with the Met Office believe the weather will start to even out in July, with some settling on the horizon.


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The latest long-range prediction covers July 6 to July 15 and suggests the outbreaks of rain will persist in the south at first.

However, by the mid-month, the outbreaks will narrow their coverage to the north-west of the country.

The forecast states: “A general settling trend is expected to take place early in this period, as outbreaks of cloud and rain in the south, and showers in the north, give way to higher pressure from the Atlantic.

“Whilst scattered showers, or even spells of rain with strong winds, will continue to arrive from the west at times, and could affect the whole country, these are likely to be fewer and further between than of late.”

“Such spells look likely to become increasingly confined to the north-west through the period.

“Temperatures will remain around average; often rather cool in the north and in more unsettled spells, to rather warm, or even locally warm and humid, in sunnier weather in the south.”

Forecasts looking any further ahead in the month come with reduced certainty, but can offer a glimpse of what is to come by the end of July.

The more distant July 16 to July 30 forecast entertains the possibility of “above average” temperatures.

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The forecast reads: “Plenty of dry, fine weather around, with the most likely scenario seeing rain increasingly moving away from the northwest bringing more prolonged settled weather here too.

“A greater likelihood than earlier in the month of warm or even hot episodes across the south, especially south-east, with a chance, albeit still low, of thunderstorms. Temperatures are expected to be above average overall.”

Average temperatures for July range between 12C to 21C, but, in the past, the month has smashed all-time temperature records.

Forecasters recorded meteoric highs of 38.7C in the Cambridge Botanic Garden on July 25 last year.

Whether the country will encounter another record-breaking July in 2020 remains to be seen, but scientists believe the country will continue to warm rapidly in the coming years.

A recent study by the Met Office concluded there would be 40C days every four to five years by the year 2100.

Their scenario would come to pass if current high greenhouse gas emissions trends were to continue, reduced “considerably” under the Paris climate agreement.

A medium-emissions scenario would see the UK endure 40C summers roughly every 15 years.

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