Met Office extends weather warnings as volatile storm to batter UK

UK weather: Met Office forecasts blustery showers

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The Met Office has issued updated weather warnings for parts of the UK as high winds are set to batter the country.

The weather forecaster put in place a set of warnings for Wednesday and Thursday.

“Very strong winds” will hit the north and west of Scotland on Wednesday evening, with the yellow weather warning beginning at 6pm on Wednesday evening.

It will remain in place until 8am on Thursday.

A separate warning was issued from 7am on Wednesday for several regions further south in England and Wales.

The yellow weather warning for wind stretches from Aberdeen to Newcastle-upon-Tyne, passing just above Manchester through to north-west Wales and down to Swansea.

It is in place until 9pm on Wednesday.

The Met Office warned that the winds could cause some transport disruption on roads and railways, as well as for ferry and aircraft services.

Coastal areas are likely to be affected by “spray” and “large waves”, the forecasting platform added.

A yellow weather warning for rain has also been released for the entirety of Northern Ireland between 8am and 3pm on Wednesday.


Flooding could affect homes and businesses, with delays likely on public and private transport.

There may be “some interription to power supplies”, the Met Office suggested.

A further, more localised yellow weather warning for rain has been announced in the Dumfries and Lockerbie area of Scotland.

This warning lasts from 10am until 6pm on Wednesday.

On Thursday, another yellow warning for rain will apply to the south east of England.

“Persistent, sometimes heavy rain” will cover the area from Chelmsford through south-east London, reaching across to Southampton and Portsmouth.

Falling under the weather warning are Brighton, Hastings, Folkstone and Canterbury, with Southend-on-Sea also within the limit of the yellow warning.

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