McDonalds returns to Kyiv as Ukraine comes close to victory over Russia

In the wake of a massive Ukrainian counter-attack that has pushed invading Russian troops back almost to their own borders, there has been a noticeable lull in the conflict.

But, as the beleaguered country’s president Volodymyr Zelenskyy has told his people to prepare for another massive pushback against the invaders, there’s an even greater victory for Ukrainians to celebrate. McDonald’s is back.

Select McDonald's restaurants will reopen this week in Ukraine's capital Kyiv, the company's head of corporate communications for the region has confirmed.

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Alesya Mudzhyri, the fast food giant’s head of corporate communications in Ukraine, says that three McDonald’s restaurants in Kyiv from September 20, initially for will open for delivery only.

Deliveries will be handled by Glovo, the local equivalent of Deliveroo.

Several more outlets in Kyiv and across the country are expected to open in the following week and another wave of McDonald’s will open in Ukraine from the beginning of next month.

Most of the restaurants will be open from 9:00am to 9:00pm. Arrangements have been made to quickly close the restaurants during an air raid alerts to allow staff and visitors to evacuate to the nearest shelter.

“The newly opened restaurants will operate according to the same high standards of food quality, cleanliness and speed of service as before,” Mudzhyri said in a social media post.

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The return of McDonald's is the most powerful symbol yet the world of big business is confident that Ukraine is on the brink of victory.

'The newly opened restaurants will operate according to the same high standards of food quality, cleanliness and speed of service as before,' the comms chief announced in a social media post.

Meanwhile, in Russia, McDonald’s restaurants are being operated by a local businessman after the chain’s entire business was sold in June.

There have been mixed reactions to the new chain Vkusno i tochka, which translates roughly to “Tasty, Full Stop”.

Reported shortages of French fries, due to a problem with the supply of potatoes, and complaints about mouldy burger buns have left Russians distinctly underwhelmed with their home-grown fast food franchise.


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