Man ‘scarred for life after Lynx can explodes in his face’ in horror accident

A Brit student has been left 'scarred for life' after a can of commonly used deodorant Lynx exploded in his face.

Rail engineering student Josh Ditchfield, who claims that the can just “blew up” when it picked it up to use, said that the can was not on a hot or cold surface – something which Lynx manufacturer Unilever warns against doing.

Unilever has said that it will be investigating the incident, but the 21-year-old Birmingham-native has now got a massive scar on his nose.

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It has also left him with mental trauma, and he is now seeking legal advice.

Speaking to Birmingham Live, he said: “I'm not comfortable with the way I look any more.

“I split my nose open and had to have six stitches.

“I've had the stitches removed but it's left a nasty scar.

“I'm wearing a mask now because I don't want people to be staring at me.” There was no bang – the lid was still closed.

“The whole thing just exploded and the bottom bit of the can went into my nose.”

Unilever has asked Josh to send the can to them for investigation.

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Having run to his bathroom after the explosion because his eyes were burning, he then went to the hospital.

However, he was praised by staff for washing his eyes out with water before going, because if he had not done so, he could have “gone blind”, he claims.

After waiting eight ours for stitches at Heartlands A&E, he was told he had suffered a “clean, deep cut”.

He added: “It stands out like a sore thumb. I want people to know the risks.

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“It shouldn't be happening, I just want to make people aware of it."

A Unilever spokesperson said: “We are extremely sorry to hear about what must have been a very distressing experience for Josh.

“The safety of our products is our priority.

“We have rigorous safety checks in place for all our products and every aerosol can is tested before it leaves the factory.

“We’re supporting Josh to understand what may have happened in this instance and a thorough investigation by our safety and quality teams is underway.”

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