Madrid explosion tears through building in Spain capital – injuries reported

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Emergency crews have been rushed to the scene of a suspected gas explosion at a building in Madrid, Spain.

A number of injuries are said to have been reported.

The explosion reportedly took place in the upmarket Salamanca area of the city.

Three stories of the building are said to have been affected by the blast.

Local reports indicate that some people may be trapped and it is not yet clear how many people have been injured or killed.

The explosion is said to have happened in a building situated close to two schools.

A video has been shared online showing the aftermath of the alleged explosion showing a road littered with rubble and debris outside the building.

Grey smoke can been seen rising from the four-storey building as the camera pans across the street to show broken glass and more debris.

Another bit of shared footage, captioned "gas explosion in the Salamanca district", shows the street of the explosion shrouded in a thick cloud of smoke.

The video captures concerned looking pedestrians running towards the incident.

"Firefighters on site," the caption continues.

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It comes after another explosion in Madrid back in January last year that sadly killed four people and left ten others injured.

The 2021 blast happened as gas workers were repairing a boiler at the back of a building in the central Puerta de Toledo area.

It partially destroyed the building and tragically saw an 85-year-old woman passer-by lose her life.

Three other men, including one who was fixing the boiler, sadly also died.

Over 50 people had to be evacuated by rescue workers from a care home next-door to the exploded building.

The blast caused four floors of the building, which belonged to the Catholic Church, to collapse.

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