‘Love rat fiancé had sex with my sister and they have 5 kids but I forgave them’

A woman whose love rat fiancé cheated on her with her own sister has shared the incredible story about the moment she found out and why she has now forgiven them.

Charlotte Clarke had been set to wed Garry Bannister – the dad of her baby – before he ran off with her sister.

Astonishingly, Charlotte said she has since forgiven Garry and her sister Rebecca and even went to their wedding.

Charlotte said she buried the hatchet – despite Garry and Rebecca going on to have five children together.

She added: “It took a very long time to forgive them but I did it for the sake of my daughter.

“Now we are like one big family. We have Christmases together and spend days at the beach.”

Charlotte, 34, met Garry, 52, when he was a chef at a pub where her best mate worked back in 2005.

By then, Garry already had two children from a previous relationship.

Apprentice assessor Charlotte, originally from Redhill in Surrey, said: “Garry was a lot older but I was attracted to his humour. He was very funny and we bounded off each other.”

Charlotte then gave birth to Serena and the couple got engaged in Croydon, south London.

But, Charlotte then invited her younger sister Rebecca to spend time at their home as she was going through a tough time at work.

Ironically, Rebecca hated Garry at the time.

Charlotte continued: “Rebecca would come over and they’d barely say a word to each other. It was awkward, I just wanted them to get along.”

Then, in 2010, Charlotte asked her fiancé to drive Rebecca home – but he didn’t come back for four hours.

When he came back, Garry told his then wife-to-be they had just chatted, which Charlotte was pleased to hear at first.

But, the following year, Charlotte found Facebook messages between them, saying we need to tell Charlotte we’re in love, how do we tell her?”

Furious over learning about the secret tryst, Charlotte moved out with her daughter and less than a month later found out her sister was pregnant.

She said: “I didn’t want to see either of them but I had to maintain a relationship with Garry for the sake of our daughter.”

Charlotte then made up with Rebecca when she learned her sister was having problems with the pregnancy.

She has now completely forgiven the pair and even attended their wedding in Surrey in 2017.

Rebecca and Garry now have Emma, seven, Zach, six, Hannah, five, Isla, three, and Ava, one.

Now Charlotte, Rebecca, Garry and their brood are like one big family and see each almost every day.

Garry said: “I feel awful for what happened but, if we’re honest with each other, me and Charlotte were more like friends than lovers.

“We were in a relationship, but it shouldn’t have been more than a friendship.”

He added: “We are still friends now and I admire her for being able to forgive us.”

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