Londoners joke Putin is behind Tube strikes as lookalike spotted on Underground

Londoners are joking that Vladimir Putin is responsible for the Tube strikes after a lookalike of the Russian President was spotted on the Underground.

Commuters in the capital faced chaos on Tuesday (March 1) following a 24-hour walkout by Tube workers, resulting in long queues in the rain across the city.

About 10,000 workers from the Rail, Maritime and Transport (RMT) union walked out at midnight in a dispute over job losses and pensions.

Transport bosses are warning of further disruption on Wednesday (March 2) with no services before 7:30am ahead of another 24-hour walkout on Thursday (March 3).

With Londoners fuming as a result of the delays, some have tried to find relief by seeing the funny side of the situation.

A picture posted by the popular Instagram page 'imjustbait' shows a lookalike of the Russian President sleeping on a train alongside the caption: "So this is why there was a tube strike today. He's testing them out".

Other Instragram users were quick to jump in on the joke, with one writing: "Putin in that sleep after a long shift", while a second added: "He was probably Russian to get to Putney."

A third commented: "Putin trynna invade the tube too", while another said: "Get Putin on the central line, not even he can handle the heat there."

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This comes as fears over the Russian leader's health have been circulating online, as he appears to look "puffy faced".

Putin has appeared more bloated around the face and neck recently, leading to suggestions from one expert that he may be undergoing treatment for an unknown condition with steroids.

Meanwhile according to one of his former close colleagues, Putin is “increasingly going mad”, with his mental state "definitely deteriorating".

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