‘Living Nostradamus’ predicts ‘vulnerable Vlad’ will be ambushed within 2 years

Vladimir Putin isn't on death's door nor does a he have a body double running Russia in his stead, but he will be ambushed within the next two years, says the so-called 'Living Nostradamus'.

Athos Salomé claims to have predicted major events such as the Queen's death and Elon Musk buying Twitter. He has now tapped into his spiritual source to learn what is to come for the Russian President.

We at the Daily Star have been fascinated in recent weeks by reports shared by insider Telegram accounts of Mad Vlad's deteriorating health. Sunday night brought a fresh scare for the Kremlin, according to General SVR which claimed at 9.05pm Putin's security officers found him on the floor, requiring resuscitation.

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Disputing these claims, the Brazilian seer has told the Daily Star: "I was meditating and asking the spirit world for information about Putin's life. Contrary to reports suggesting that Putin is suffering from an illness, the Russian leader is in health. I also reject the idea that he employs lookalikes for appearances."

Kremlin press secretary Dmitry Peskov was also quick to shoot down the rumours earlier this week, describing the rumours as "absurd information hoaxes".

That doesn't mean Putin is out the woods just yet, though, according to Athos whose self-proclaimed heightened paranormal abilities have led him to issue a warning to Russia. Fortunes will soon turn against the 71-year-old who is apparently in line for something of a scare in the middle of a public engagement.

Athos continued: "I'm getting concerns regarding Putin's bones and spine as areas of vulnerability in an alleged planned ambush during a meeting with another world leader in a foreign country. Throughout his career Putin has been known for his resilience and sharp instincts symbolizing luck and wisdom.

"According to teachings rooted in the Kabbalah tradition significant events tend to occur every seven years, in ones life. I foresee a turning point, for Putin in the years 2024/2025. As the time draws near the clairvoyant advises that the Russian leader should exercise caution during negotiations and high profile meetings.

In the event of Putin's death, whenever it may be, the ramifications for a country at war will be huge. World-renowned defence and security expert Professor Anthony Glees has claimed that two people could be up for the job – Chechen warlord, Ramzan Kadyrov and the son of a former Russian secret service boss, Dimitry Patrushev.

Athos added: "Russia, a country known for its leadership would experience a period of instability and uncertainty. Powerful individuals would vie for power while neighbouring nations carefully evaluate their strategies. The impact of such a power vacuum could resonate worldwide leading to shifts in alliances and signalling a global order."

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