Kremlin targeted by Russian cyber-attack as citizens aim to overthrow Putin

Members of the National Republican Army (NRA) have begun a coordinated effort to overthrow Vladimir Putin, starting with a cyberattack on the Kremlin.

The hackers have claimed to have performed a ransomware attack on the network of Unisoftware, a Russian software development company known for the development and implementation of web applications and desktop systems.

One NRA member expressed the group's motivation for the hack as he spoke to Kyiv Post, a Ukrainian publication.

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They said: “Putin needlessly sending our young men to die in an unjust war waged against Ukraine that has resulted in the slaughter of innocent civilians, including women and children.”

The NRA hackers claimed to have stolen copies of all of Unisoftware’s data, including the likes of credentials for bank accounts and personal accounts as well as sensitive employee information.

Further information such phone numbers, addresses, contracts, and proprietary code for Unisoftware’s clients and software were also stolen, according to the hackers.

The group has threatened to release the data and all obtained information if not paid promptly by Unisoftware.

Putin has faced mounting pressure regarding the war with Ukraine and despite annexing four regions of Ukraine in the past few days, Ukraine continue to fight back to claim them back.

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The Russian leader has gone as far to tease the use of weapons of mass destruction in the ongoing war against Ukraine which has dragged on for eight months.

Putin has set aim at the West, condemning the region for their moral values which he labelled as "satanic".

In the press conference where he announced the annexation of four Ukrainian regions, the 69-year-old sent a staunch warning to any nation he said looks to reclaim the regions should expect that Russia would use "all the power and all the means" to defend them.


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