Killer cop arrested by police husband hit her sister with cuffs

A policewoman who killed her sister and was then arrested by her husband allegedly ripped out her victim's pinky nails and hit her with handcuffs.

Rhaillayne Oliveira de Mello, a military police officer, used her work gun to shoot her sister in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on July 2.

Merchant Rhayna Oliveira, 23, died due to internal bleeding and lung injuries, after an argument at a gas station in São Gonçalo, in the metropolitan region of Rio.

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De Mello, 30, was then arrested by her husband, also a military police officer, who reported her to authorities, noting that she was "clearly without patience" in recent days.

The husband, Leonardo de Paiva Barbosa, testified against his wife.

Now, a report into the death has revealed details of the treatment Oliveira suffered.

She allegedly "beat her victim's forehead with the handcuffs" several times, and ripped the nails off her pinky fingers.

The report, from the Legal Medical Institute (IML), also stated that de Mello presented behaviour "suggesting psychosis or post-traumatic state".

Diario do Nordeste in Brazil reported that Rhillayne – hours before the shooting – attacked another sister, who was pregnant, and threw her into a bar after being stopped by the establishment.

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She shot into the air at the bar after being barred, the publication stated.

It was then Rhaillayne and another sister, Rhayna, went to a gas station – where the shooting was captured on CCTV.

"Rhaillayne hit Rhayna first, punching her in the head; Rhayna retaliated, hitting Rhayne to the point that she lost her balance and fell to the ground.

"The moment Rhaillayne started to get up, she drew her pistol from her waist and started shooting at the direction of Rhayna", says the Bulletin of Occurrence.

Rhayna died moments later. After the crime, Rhillayne was sent to the Niterói Homicide Police Station.

On Sunday, July 3, Rhillayne had the arrest "converted into preventive" by the Justice of Rio.


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