Kidnapped girl found alive after being stripped naked and tied up in bin bag

A teenage kidnap victim has been found, naked and sealed inside a bin-bag but still alive, on a landfill site on the outskirts of Mexico City.

The passer-by who discovered María Ángela Olguín told local news outlet El Universal that she “heard someone crying in a landfill next to a parking lot”.

The 16-year-old, who had been missing for three days, told police she had been held captive with “many other young girls’.

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María was very confused and disoriented when she was found, and hasn’t yet been able to tell police much about who abducted her, or where she has been for the past few days.

She went missing on January 19, as she waited for her mother outside a toilet at the Indies Verdes metro station in Mexico City.

CCTV from the scene shows the teenager apparently being led away by an unknown man.

María’s older sister Elizabeth said: “From the videos it is very clear that my sister didn’t leave (on) her own… She was taken by a man that grabbed her from her arm. The cameras didn’t get what happened next”.

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The girl’s mother, Rocío Bustamante, said that shortly before her disappearance, María had complained of a pain in her arm as if someone in the crowd ha dabbed her with a needle.

“I checked her arm but everything was normal,” Ms Bustamante said, adding that she couldn’t understand how her daughter had vanished.

She went on to organise search parties to hunt for the kidnap victim.

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Earlier this week new surveillance video emerged, showing María standing outside of the bathrooms when a man approaches her and apparently grabs her by the arm before disappearing behind a white minivan.

Vicente Ramirez, director of the Nezahualcóyotl Municipal Police, told reporters:“The girl said that at the place where she was being held were many other girls and women, many underage, but she couldn’t say more”.

Mexico’s National Missing Persons Commission reports that, on average, seven women are reported missing in the central American country every day, with more than 70% of the reports concentrated in the area where María was abducted.


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