Kate Middleton ‘mended bridges’ with William and Charles, body language ‘shows’

Kate Middleton "mended a few bridges" between Prince William and Prince Charles, a body language expert has claimed.

The Duchess of Cambridge took on a senior role when she married Prince William and quickly became a high-profile figure of the Royal Family.

She is often is often seen laughing with Prince Charles and his wife, Camilla, in pictures.

Body language expert Judi James claims "Kate’s polite attention to Charles" in pictures "suggest she might have mended a few bridges" between the Heir and his son, Prince William.

Judi also said Kate may have acted as "an integral buffer or air-bag role in the relationship triangle" of Charles and William, helping them through tricky times.

Judi James told the Express: "William and his father haven’t always appeared to have the closest relationship with one another.

"But with Kate present, the mood between the two men does seem to lighten.

"While the two men point and laugh open-mouthed to suggest there’s some kind of banter going on between them, Kate’s polite attention to Charles and her appreciative smiles as he chuckles suggests she might have mended a few bridges between them over the years."

She added that Kate appears to be a "catalyst" rather than "a friend" of Prince Charles and the pair may share a "secret reason" to their familial warmth.

Judi suggests Kate "forms an integral buffer" between Prince William and Charles, as reports have previously suggested the pair have clashed at points.

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She said: "Kate’s role in Prince Charles’s life appears to be that of a catalyst rather than a friend or kindred spirit.

"There are rarely if ever any signals of the kind of easy-going, spontaneous warmth he shares with his niece Zara.

"The secret reason why he so often looks happy and fun-loving in Kate’s company might be more to do with the fact that she forms an integral buffer or air-bag role in the relationship triangle that includes his son William."

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