ISIS bride Shamima Begum will ‘forever’ be a threat to UK, terror expert warns

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    Notorious ISIS bride Shamima Begum will forever be a threat to the United Kingdom and might to to sneak back in, according to a terrorism expert.

    Ms Begum, who was born here, travelled to Syria to join Islamic State (IS) in February 2015 with two other schoolgirls from east London.

    Her citizenship was revoked in February 2019 for national security reasons. At the time she was nine months pregnant and living in a Syrian refugee camp.

    READ MORE: ISIS bride Shamima Begum loses crucial legal appeal to be allowed to return to the UK

    She has now her appeal against the controversial decision to remove her British citizenship three years ago, although her lawyers have vowed to fight the decision.

    Speaking to The Sun, intelligence expert Professor Anthony Glees said he believes Begum will be forever a threat to the UK and has "never shown any genuine remorse."

    Glees said "she wanted an Islamic/Islamist way of life," because she hated her "constricted" British one. He added that Begum might try to sneak back into the UK.

    "She may try to return unlawfully, it’s possible. But she is legally fully entitled to Bangladeshi citizenship and probably Dutch citizenship as well," he explained.

    "If she’s got any sense she’ll go and live in Bangladesh and seek to rehabilitate and re-educate herself by working hard, as a nurse perhaps, with the victims of Islamist terrorism.

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    "Had she been allowed back to the UK she’d have been an icon for Islamists here, whether she wanted to be or not."

    His comments come after Begum lost her appeal against the controversial decision to remove her British citizenship.

    Her lawyers argued the Home Office had a duty to investigate whether she was a victim of trafficking before taking her citizenship away.

    Today (Wednesday, February 22) the Special Immigration Appeals Commission concluded there was a “credible suspicion” she was trafficked, but that the existence of this suspicion was “insufficient”.

    The judge said: “In outline, given that Ms Begum is now in Syria, the state’s corollary investigative duty did not compel the Secretary of State to facilitate her return to the United Kingdom, nor did it prevent him from exercising his deprivation powers.

    “In short, the commission decided that a finding that Ms Begum has been trafficked does not operate as a form of limitation on the Secretary of State’s wide powers.”

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