I fell over and hit my head on our toilet – now I cant move my arms or legs

A former nurse has been left paralysed, unable to move her arms or legs, after falling over in her bathroom and hitting her head on the toilet.

Marie Ogilvie, 54, was unable to breathe by herself after her accident on August 14 – with her husband Jim fearing the worst, worrying that his wife might have died.

She had gone to the bathroom at around 10:30pm, after complaining of feeling unwell.

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Just 10 minutes later Jim heard a thud and rushed to find his spouse of more than 30 years on the floor, bleeding from her nose.

He told the Daily Record: "When I first saw her lying on the bathroom floor I thought she was a goner. I tried to stem the flow of the blood but I was panicking. She started to come around and told me to ring an ambulance.

"She remembers sitting on the toilet, leaning on the water basin, and then she must have fallen off the seat and banged her head.

"While we were waiting for an ambulance, she became aware she couldn't move. She was just so helpless."

The 54-year-old from Perth, was unable to breathe by herself and spent six weeks on a ventilator after the accident, before being fitted with a tracheostomy tube.

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She then had spinal surgery to stabilise the damage to her neck at Ninewells Hospital in Dundee on the following day (August 15).

The next day she was blue-lighted to the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital's spinal injury unit in Glasgow to receive specialist care, where doctors told her that she is tetraplegic – meaning she can't voluntarily move her arms, hands and legs.

The former nurse was only able to speak for the first time last week, with her husband being by her bedside these past three months.

He added: "I've been by her side the whole time, and it's costing a fortune living in a hotel for all this time but I want to be here every step of the journey."

She is now receiving intense physio therapy and electrode stimulation at the Spinal Unit's rehabilitation centre. There has been little sign of progress for Marie, except a tingling sensation in her hands when her husband Jim touches them.

Jim, who has vowed to never give up on his wife added: "Every time I see any progress in Marie it gives me a huge sense of joy. We don't know what life will be like for her now.

"I massage her hands every day and sometimes I see little flickers in her fingers which gives me some hope."


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