Horror moment ‘corpse’ is found in toilet as Covid patients overwhelm hospital

This is the terrifying moment a man appears to be found lying dead in an Italian hospital overcrowded with coronavirus patients.

The video taken inside the Cardarelli Hospital in Naples prompted government officials to call for "immediate intervention" as the coronavirus pandemic ripples across the country’s vulnerable southern region.

In the alarming footage shared on Twitter, Rosario Lamonica, a local resident, goes over to the bathroom in the emergency room to find a man lying underneath a sink.

He can be heard saying: "This one is dead."

As he walks around the overflowing ward in shock, he pans the camera to a patient lying on the stretcher, explaining: "This woman in her own p*** and excrement, we don't know if she's dead or alive."

The area is packed with apparent coronavirus patients resting on the stretchers.

Rosario told Italian news agency ANSA: "When I asked for help, nobody listened to me, there were also those who told me 'mind your own business'."

The 30-year-old had been in the hospital for two days after testing positive for Covid-19 and experiencing breathing problems.

He added: "That person (the dead man) was with me in the room, together with other old men."

In a statement on Wednesday, when the video was made public, the hospital said a patient with a "suspected Covid-19 infection" was found dead in the restroom of the emergency room. The cause of death was still under investigation, the statement said.

Raffaele Nespoli, a spokesman for the hospital, confirmed that the video was filmed inside the hospital’s emergency room.

Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio wrote on Facebook on Thursday: "The situation in Naples and in many areas of Campania is out of control … the central government needs to intervene because there is no time left."

He described what happened in the video as "shocking" and stressed that the life and right to health of every single citizen are of the authorities' top priorities.

"If the local authorities fail to do so, the State must do it," Mr Di Maio added.

"I have kept silent until now out of respect for all institutions but now we must intervene immediately especially in the south, which risks collapsing."

On Wednesday, November 11, Italy passed a grim milestone of one million total coronavirus cases since the start of the pandemic. More than half of those people are still currently positive, according to government statistics, and many of them live in Italy’s south.

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