Haunting final pic of missing teen abandoned on ‘death road’ by taxi driver

A desperate search has continued for a woman who went missing, with the final photo of the 18-year-old being a shot of her stood on "death road".

The photo was reportedly taken after a night out, and is the last photo of Debhani Escobar, who went missing following a night out in Nuevo León, Mexico, with two of her friends.

The trio had enjoyed a night on the town, partying in the city of Escobedo before an argument between Escobar and one of her friends.

One of Escobar's friends reportedly contacted an off-duty taxi driver known to the trio, a 47-year-old identified only as Jesús, The Sun reported.

It is claimed that Jesús had been contacted to take Escobar home but the pair are said to have had a "heated discussion" before he dumped her at the side of the road.

The cab driver, reported to have had his Rideshare app turned off on the trip, is then said to have left the teenager stranded on the lengthy strip of road.

Death road is a desolate strip of 219km, with its ominous nickname attributed to the number of people who have gone missing there, with Escobar the latest to disappear.

Taxi driver Jesús took the final chilling image of the teenager and sent it to her friends at around 5am on April 9.

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The image, which is when Escobar was last seen alive, shows the teen at the side of the road.

Taxi driver Jesús has reportedly been arrested on drugs charges.

Distraught father Mario said: "It is Debanhi. We already have some photographs. The videos are being analysed. The prosecutor's office is working and we are waiting to have some results very soon.

"We hope to find that light at the end of the tunnel, to have that happy ending."

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