Harry shared Taliban kill count to heal self from painful elements of war

Prince Harry is said to have revealed his Taliban kill count to "heal" himself from the "painful elements of war" while serving in Afghanistan.

The Duke of Sussex has claimed he was responsible for the deaths of 25 "chess piece" members of the Taliban during active service overseas.

Despite criticism from a defence expert and the Taliban, Harry is adamant that revealing the kill count he tallied up while serving in the military was a way to "heal" from the horrors of war.

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The Prince revealed not just his kill count but the reasons for doing so, noting that he needed to "navigate his feelings".

Speaking to People, the Duke said: "There's truly no right or wrong way to try and navigate these feelings, but I know from my own healing journey that silence has been the least effective remedy.

"Expressing and detailing my experience is how I chose to deal with it, in the hopes it would help others."

The Duke, however, does not believe he will ever "fully reconcile the painful elements of being at war" despite being "the best soldier I was trained to be".

His time in the military lasted for 10 years, with two deployments in Afghanistan and 25 kills during six missions over 2012 to 2013.

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Although soldiers are said to not know their exact kill counters, The Sun reported, the Duke appears to have an exact number in mind after viewing footage of his time in the apache helicopters.

He said of the killings: "My number is 25. It's not a number that fills me with satisfaction, but nor does it embarrass me."

Daily Star had previously reported reaction to the claims, which saw a defence expert call the comments "irresponsible," so bad in fact that he had put his "family at risk".

Expert Will Geddes had said at the time: "Prince Harry claiming to have killed 25 Taliban has raised his, his wife and children’s threat level significantly to jihadist threats."

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