Grinch stole my Christmas Coca-Cola truck – but stranger has saved December

A mum's homemade Christmas Coca-Cola truck was stolen by masked Grinches and ruined her festive spirit in a shocking theft.

But the Christmas spirit was not lost, as an anonymous Good Samaritan donated a new one to mum Zoe Murphy, 40, who had hand-built the vehicle in Gillingham, Kent.

The 40-year-old had splashed £1,000 on building the piece for a Christmas lights display as a way to raise money for charity, setting up decorations on November 27.

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But it appears these festive decorations were not to the taste of everyone, with an unknown Grinch setting out to run off with the cab of the homemade truck while Zoe was out for dinner "just a couple of roads away".

CCTV footage of the theft showed two cars booming down the road at 7:45pm, with one man hopping out in an attempt to steal the decoration, only managing to steal the cab since it was too heavy to carry.

Instead, the thieves kicked the homemade Coca Cola truck to the side of the road and ripped the cab out of the vehicle.

The attempted theft appears to have had an impact on Zoe's mum, who is "a nervous wreck, always looking out the window thinking someone's going to come and steal more" after the incident.

Zoe said: "My mum is a nervous wreck, always looking out the window thinking someone's going to come and steal more.

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Zoe continued: "Every night she normally goes and chats to everyone that goes past and to the neighbours, and I asked her if she’d been doing that recently and she said no, she hasn't."

Zoe, who was "still awake at 3am" because of how "angry" the incident had made her, has said there is a silver lining though after an anonymous person reached out and offered a festive gift.

She added: "You just start to think to yourself why do we go out of our way to plan it all year? My mum spends hours out there chatting to everyone looking at the displays.

"It all comes out of our own pocket to cheer everyone up and everyone loves it and you just think 'why do I bother?'."

"But then you remember that you're trying to do it for a good cause, but it's just disheartening."

Zoe was adamant that it would not "stop us" from celebrating Christmas and engaging with that festive cheer, especially now that a Good Samaritan has gotten in touch and kindly donated a similar cab.

The mum said: "Someone has anonymously messaged us, and said they have a truck exactly the same as the one that was stolen, but it’s white – would we want it to be donated?

"We spoke to them and they said whatever happens, happens."

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