Google Maps user finds narco druglords house in Mexico sparking huge debate

A Google Maps user has claimed they’ve found the house of a narco drugs lord in Mexico.

The photo, uploaded to Reddit, shows a high fence surrounded by barbed wire and an extended metal barrier.

Reinforced steel guards the entrance with a sturdy black gate.

Birds-eye-view screenshots from Google Maps show the plush estate stretching back into a magnificent garden with two swimming pools and acres of space.

A high fence goes all the way around the property and multiple buildings are scattered around inside the compound.

The internet user questioned whether the Lago de Chapala house was a "narco lord’s house" or just a "really cautious dude".

Narco lords are known to own well-guarded and extravagant homes and infamous kingpin Pablo Escobar had a zoo in his back garden with exotic birds, giraffes, and even hippos.

His magnificent mansion also had a collection of pools and its own private airstrip.

But not everyone is convinced the Reddit user’s find is what it seems.

One person commented: "Narco lords don’t live that freely and even if they do then they live in remote areas.

"This is Ajijic, a well-known place where expats and some rich people live, (and) that is probably a family-owned ranch."

His claims could have weight, and USA Today estimates expats make up more than half the population of the town in the winter.

Google Maps users are often quick to share their theories for images they find on the site.

Last month, eagle-eyed browsers saw a plane landing strip in Guatemala surrounded by dense jungle and thought they’d spotted a "jungle narco airstrip".

But others disagreed and argued it was merely for jungle tourists.

A final Reddit user joked: "No idea who owns this, but I definitely wouldn't try to break in."

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