Goat pushes tourist 20 metres off Spanish cliff and leaves her on perilous ledge

A goat took a particular disliking to a tourist and their pal, with the animal knocking one hiker from a cliff and hitting the other one unconscious.

Two hikers, including a 64-year-old woman, found themselves face to face with the mountain goat after they hiked into its territory on the Alpujarra mountain range in Granada, Spain.

Sensing some danger from the Dutch tourist, the animal rammed her from the cliff, plummeting 20 metres and landing on an overhanging ledge, breaking both wrists in the process.

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Her pal was left unconscious during the encounter which could have proven fatal for the unnamed 64-year-old, who was knocked from the cliff and left stranded for days.

It took rescue workers almost a week to recover the unnamed hiker and take her to hospital, with bad weather and providing difficulties when it came to extracting the woman.

She was eventually housed in an abandoned farmhouse while waiting for the weather to clear and was soon taken to hospital, Daily Mail reported.

The unnamed hiker was treated for her two broken wrists as well as a bout of hypothermia after a series of blundered rescue bids were canned due to weather woes.

Experts have since said the Iberian ibex which attacked the duo had been in a particularly aggressive mood as it is breeding season for the animals.

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Dominant male goats were in an aggressive mood for the mating season, but it also meant hikers entering its territory could have worried the goat.

Said goat appeared to be threatened by the appearance of the hikers, with experts believing the mountain-faring animal could have been spooked or feeling cornered.

It comes as mid-May proves to be the birthing period for mountain goats, with this particularly angry animal hitting back against tourists, possibly to protect its young.

The area has seen an uptick in tourists wandering the green plains and mountainous regions, and in turn this has led to a rise in contact between hikers and mountain goats.

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