Girl thought she was on TV show and was duped into murder that horrified world

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    A naive young woman who thought she was joining a Japanese TV prank show was actually being groomed to take part in a murder plot.

    Siti Aisyah had left her rural Indonesian home to try to make some money as a masseuse in Malaysia.

    But there she was stunned and delighted to be scouted by a Japanese TV producer who told her his name was James.

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    She performed dozens of pranks for the show, most of them consisting of spraying an unsuspecting man with perfume, or giving him a peck on the cheek.

    James told 25-year-old Siti that the clips were getting a huge response back in Japan.

    He added that he had a special prank planned on February 13, 2017, which would be the best yet. For a few minutes’ work, explained podcaster MrBallen, Siti was going to be paid $100.

    That was a huge sum for her, which she planned to send back to her impoverished family.

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    At Kuala Lumpur airport, Siti was introduced to a Vietnamese girl called Doan Thi Huong.

    Together, they would play a hilarious prank on another member of the TV show team, a pudgy middle-aged man who would be arriving shortly.

    The two girls played their part perfectly, Doan rubbing a wet cloth on the stooge’s face while Siti sprayed him with perfume.

    What neither of them knew was that the “perfume” and the oil on Doan’s cloth were in fact the components of VX gas, a deadly nerve agent.

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    The man they had unwittingly attacked was not an actor but in fact Kim Jong-nam, the disgraced older brother of North Korean despot Kim Jong-un.

    He had embarrassed his father in 2001 by being caught trying to visit Disneyland using a fake passport and later infuriated Kim Jong-un by saying the world would see his brother’s leadership as a “joke”.

    He knew he had been targeted for assassination, even to the extent of carrying the antidote for VX poisoning in his bag.

    But he didn’t live long enough to use it, staggering just a few steps towards a member of airport staff before collapsing.

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    Both Siti and Doan were also severely affected by the outlawed chemical, with Siti making it back to her hotel before falling unconscious on her bed for most of the next day.

    The fact that both women had been poisoned during the bizarre assassination helped their lawyers convince Malaysian judges that they did’t know anything about the deadly plan.

    If they had been convicted, both women would have faced an automatic death sentence under Malaysian law.

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    “Surveillance video at the airport shows Siti and Doan handling the extremely deadly nerve agent ingredients so casually,” explained Mr Ballen.

    “Then after they pulled off their prank – which meant they now had VX gas on their hands – they were casually touching their hair and touching their clothes, making it obvious they have no idea what they’re doing.”

    “James” was thought to be a North Korean agent named Ri Ji U and with the rest of his TV crew moments after the assassination was carried out.

    He is now believed to be in Pyongyang and no one has ever been formally charged with the murder.

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