Giggling students film randy couple having sex on university campus

A pair of randy students were caught on camera romping on a university campus in broad daylight.

In the video shared on social media, the lovebirds sat down in a quiet outdoor area in a university in Colombia.

Filmed by several giggling undergraduates, the woman appears to be leaning forwards while rocking back and forth on her fella’s lap.

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At one point the man puts his hand on the woman's back.

The saucy scene was filmed at the Universidad del Atlántico Sede Centro in Barranquilla, Colombia.

The university has yet to release a statement about the sexual encounter on campus grounds.

But the clip, which was shared on Twitter by the ‘Faculty of Rotten Arts of the Atlántico’ on Tuesday (March 28), went viral with 174,000 views.

One local commented: "Are they getting out of the habit of doing it in the toilets in block D?"

Some left a cheeky recommendation for hidden bonking spots.

On suggested: "Romping at the university is an unforgettable experience. I recommend the D rooms and the architecture tables."

A second said: "In the baseball fields is easier, in the F block it is also easy," while a third added: "There are so many good places there and they are going to get themselves caught."

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One Twitter user pointed out: “It's not the place, it's the person.”

Others blasted online "keyboard fighters" for coming out to criticise and playing saints, adding: "But more has to be done than that. The worse thing was the person who recorded what happened and shared it online."

In January, a couple was caught having oral sex on a London-Northwestern train next to passengers.

The woman was seen flipping a bird to the camera while a man put his head between her legs.

A passenger sitting in front of the couple told Daily Star: "The guy didn’t care, I reckon he was about 60 years old, glasses on, full suit on under his coat, he was laughing and didn’t care whatsoever."


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