Gibraltar stands up to Vladimir Putin as rock vows to STOP vessels trying to enter port

Ukraine Georgian ship refuses to resupply Russian vessel

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Vijay Daryanani, the port’s minister, has instructed Gibraltar’s port Captain not to provide access, services, support or facilities to vessels believed to be connected to Russia.

The port workers will turn away any ship controlled or owned by Russia, those that are flying a Russian flag or ships that are registered in Russia.

The ministry has also directed the port captain to turn away vessels carrying load or cargo owned by Russia, or that is being delivered to Russia.

The defiant move comes on the seventh day of attacks on Ukraine by Vladimir Putin’s military.

Gibraltar has shown its support for Ukraine in recent days as its iconic Moorish castle landmark was lit in the colours of Ukraine’s flag.

The country also announced that Ukrainian nationals fleeing to safety would not need a visa to enter Gibraltar, with later clarification that basic security checks at the border will be carried out.

Minister Daryanani said: “I have been directed by the Chief Minister to instruct the Captain of the Port on Government policy regarding Russian vessels.

“We will not provide access to Gibraltar Port, or any services, supplies or facilities from Gibraltar to vessels with Russian links as explained above. This is further demonstration that Gibraltar stands with Ukraine and is totally against the miscalculated invasion of their homeland.

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It comes after the government’s decision to ban Russian planes from using its airspace.

The Rock’s government announced, in line with the UK, US and EU, they too would ban any aircraft owned, chartered or operated by a person connected with Russia from their airspace.

Similarly, Gibraltar government officials said it wouldn’t be appropriate to continue allowing Russian vessels to access the country’s port.

In a press statement released by the government, it read: “In accordance with sanctions and other actions being taken by the United Kingdom, the United States of America and the European Union following Russia’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine, Her Majesty’s Government of Gibraltar does not consider it acceptable, proper or appropriate for Russian vessels to have access to the Port, and as a matter of policy has therefore determined that Gibraltar Port must be closed to all Russian vessels unless specifically authorised”.

Additional reporting Maria Ortega.

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