Ghislaine Maxwell faces dying in jail as hubby ‘refuses to pay her for appeal’

Ghislaine Maxwell’s husband is allegedly refusing to send her money for an appeal to release her from prison.

It has been reported that Scott Borgerson is ignoring Maxwell’s calls from prison as she requests him to give $1million (£845,000) for her lawyer costs.

Ghislaine Maxwell was jailed for 20 years in June for sex trafficking crimes in the US. Shortly after she settled into prison, her husband called and dumped her over the phone.

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Without the money, the legal team would not be able to start any work on appeals against her 20-year sentence, raising the possibility she could die behind bars.

The appeal needs to be filed before the end of January next year.

Her now estranged husband Borgerson controls all of Maxwell’s money and estate, including the remaining millions from her ex Jeffrey Epstein, her trust fund and the sale of her £12.6million New York home.

Borgerson met with Ghislaine’s brother Kevin for a discussion about the appeal and lawyers pleaded with him to send the money, but lawyers are reportedly yet to receive it.

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Sources have claimed Borgerson dragging his feet on sending money over is his way of improving his standing within their upcoming divorce settlements.

Some believe that by withholding the money from Maxwell, Borgerson can get Maxwell to give up more money, which would entitle Borgerson to a more comfortable future.

However, speaking about the issue, Borgerson described these reports as “fake news” and simply a “spin” on the truth.

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