GB News: ‘Poundshop Putin!’ Mark Dolan tears into Justin Trudeau over Canada protests

Canada: Protesters attend Justin Trudeau rally in Bolton

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Speaking about the Canadian Prime Minister and his policies, GB News presenter Mark Dolan lashed out at Mr Trudeau for “disregarding the fundamental principles of free Western democracy.” Over the last one month, Canada has witnessed protests that began in January over opposition to a vaccine mandate for truckers crossing the US-Canada border which then grew into a broader opposition to pandemic restrictions and Mr Trudeau’s government, with supporting protests across the country.

On Friday, police in Canada’s capital Ottawa cleared a main protest site in front of parliament that had been occupied by demonstrators.

More than 170 people have been arrested and 38 vehicles seized as officers, some on horseback, continued the second day of a massive crackdown.

Some protesters who resisted were thrown to the ground and had their hands zip-tied behind their backs.

Lashing out at Canadian PM, Mr Dolan said: “Notwithstanding the absurd and draconian Covid measures that we have seen in Canada for which a colossal economic societal and public health price would be paid, his reaction to a peaceful demonstration has come straight out of the dictator’s playbook.”

Mr Dolan condemned Mr Trudeau for forcing people to get jabbed and introduce draconian Coronavirus restrictions on the public.

He said: “Covering peoples’ faces, locking healthy people up at home and jabbing people against their will, which is effectively what happens if you threaten someone’s job, are all ideas alien to any free and democratic nation.

“In fact they have direct echoes with the Chinese Communist Party, an evil regime which looks set to eventually dominate the world, if they don’t already.

“Thanks in part to the pathetic cultural, political, diplomatic, strategic, economic and military surrender of the west.

A crisis reveals who you are and it reveals your values. The handling of the truckers demonstration has unmasked the black-face loving Canadian premier Justin Trudeau.”

Calling him a “beast”, Mr Dolan said: “And now Canada, the latest great Western nation to fall into quasi-totalitarian rule. What’s happening on the border to Ukraine is bloody scary and a huge cause for concern.

“But so is the cleansing of Covid non-believers from the streets of Ottawa.

“The fight the truckers are having is a global one. We all have a stake in them succeeding. What the truckers are doing is a test case for freedom across the world.

“If they don’t prevail, we will all slowly trundle into this hellish new normal, from which there will be no reverse gear.

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“Disgracefully, no Western leader, including our own Prime Minister, has spoken out about this egregious assault on democracy happening in Canada and the treatment of its citizens.

“If this was happening in China or Russia they would be spitting feathers, or indeed if it was happening in Trump’s America. But not a squeak of criticism for Trudeau because he is part of the cosy covid consensus.

“So it falls to me to call out this seductively handsome politician who has revealed a truly ugly side.

“Justin Trudeau is nothing more than a Poundshop Putin and he’s got to go.”

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