Furious ‘mayo man’ keeps smearing mayonnaise over Audi in heated parking row

A renegade "mayo man" has been squirting "stinking" condiments over a man's Audi in a bizarre spat about parking.

Jason Doolan, 28, is being tormented by a middle-aged man in Troon, Ayrshire who keeps sticking paper and mayonnaise on his car as a warning not to park outside his flat.

Shocking footage shows the neighbour slapping paper lined with the mayo onto the car after Jason set up a secret camera to catch the culprit, Ayrshire Live reports.

The aircraft mechanic returned to his motor last month to find dozens of pieces of paper lined with the eggy dressing stuck onto the bonnet, windows, and roof as it lay parked across from his flat.

The war over parking in the lane next to a block of residential flats and a kebab shop has escalated from shouting in the street to a bizarre food fight, with eggs also making an appearance.

Jason has told Ayrshire Live he is fed up having to constantly clean his car since the row began six months ago.

He said: "His argument is that I am blocking the entrance for fire engines but I would never do that, there is plenty of space for any emergency vehicle to get past.

"It started off with little notes that he would put on my car. Then he would start shouting at me as I got out of my car.

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"Some of the threats were really strange as well, I remember him saying, ‘you think you're a big man in your Audi’, I just never really rose to it or got involved.

"There was another time when he just stood there filming me.

"They just look out the windows, wait for me to park then go down and abuse it."

Jason said the mayonnaise smelled foul and added: "It definitely wasn’t Hellmann's, it was stinking, it had been sitting there for over an hour and you could smell it before you could see it."

Jason posted the footage on a community page on Facebook to warn others of the 'Mayo Man'.

And he was surprised to see that other people in the town had been affected with one other car owner saying they had endured eggs being poured over their car.

Jason remains defiant and has vowed to continue to park there.

He said: "I really have no choice. It’s either that or face parking tickets but it really is going too far."

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