Fresh graves for hundreds of Russian soldiers marks war anniverary

Zelensky marks one year since Russia invaded Ukraine

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Hundreds of fresh new graves have been dug in a single cemetery this month for the bodies of Russian soldiers. Grim footage from the cemetery near the village of Bakinskaya in southern Russia comes as President Vladimir Putin prepares to mark the anniversary of his invasion of Ukraine. While estimates on total losses vary, last weekend the UK Ministry of Defence suggested that Russia had lost up to 60,000 troops and suffered up to 200,000 casualties.

The video clip of the cemetery in the Krasnodar region reveals that around 100 new graves have been made this month alone.

The cemetery is reserved for the mercenaries from the private paramilitary force, the Wagner Group.

Many remarked that the recent rainfall in the area had sparked flooding in the cemetery and turned the site into “a swamp”.

The video shows an empty cemetery with equal rows of identical graves with crosses, wreaths, and Islamic symbols on top.

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In December, the Wagner boss, Yevgeny Prigozhin, confirmed that his troops were buried in the Bakinskaya village.

Alex Kokcharov, a London-based analyst who monitors the war, tweeted: “Hundreds of fresh graves.

“Hundreds in just one single location.”

Intermarium 24 added: “The freshly built Wagner cemetery has turned into a swamp due to heavy rains.

“Some graves are now submerged in water.”

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Julia Davis, a reporter from the Daily Beast, remarked: “Putin’s three-day operation seems to be going swimmingly.”

In the background of the cemetery, a digger can be seen digging new graves, as the death toll looks set to intensify.

US officials claim that more than 30,000 mercenaries have perished in the Ukraine conflict, with as many as 90 of them former convicts.


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This week, Mr Prigozhin posted an image of his dead troops in Ukraine as he blamed Russian army chiefs for their deaths for trying to deprive them of ammunition supplies.

To mark the anniversary of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky posted a video message on Telegram promising that this year “will be the year of our victory”.

Talking with Times Radio, defence minister Ben Wallace said that Russia has been forced to adopt a “meat-grinder approach” after its forces failed to make a breakthrough in Ukraine.

He added: “It will move effectively to a meat-grinder approach where it just keeps sacrificing its own soldiers for the vanity of the Kremlin.

“That’s why we see huge losses amongst the Russian army and only gains, where we see gains, in metres not miles.”

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