Five strangers discover WWE star Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson is their half-brother

Five complete strangers were flabbergasted to discover that they are half-siblings of WWE star Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson.

Lisa Purves, Paula Parsons, Trevor Edwards, Adrian Bowles and Aaron Fowler have the same dad as the Hollywood star – WWE Hall of Famer Rocky Johnson.

The five never met Rocky, who died in 2020, or each other until recently.

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Filmmaker Lisa, 53, was the first to make the discovery and tried to contact Rocky three times, the first being when she was 18.

The retired wrestler hung up and decided not to keep in contact.

The quintet have now spoken to Sports Illustrated, where Lisa revealed she wants to make a documentary around her own life and about parents who choose to cut ties with their kids.

She told the publication: "I never wanted to run into Dwayne and have anyone know I was his bastard sister."

Lisa also said she's reminded of how lucky Dwayne was to grow up with a dad every time she sees him in one of his many films.

Half-sister Paula also tried in vain to contact Rocky.

"We just want to be recognised. We sat on the back burner forever. [Rocky] was our dad just as well as Dwayne’s," she said.

Trevor managed to track down Ricky Johnson (his uncle) in 2017 after being told he bore an uncanny resemblance to Dwayne. A DNA test confirmed their relation.

Unlike Rocky, Ricky reportedly "welcomed" Trevor into the family.

Aaron too was told he looked like The Rock. He took a DNA test in 2020, which saw Adrian and Lisa come up as matches as half-siblings.

Given uncle Ricky's openness to meet Trevor, Lisa tracked him down for her documentary.

She said: "He reached out right away, and we talked and I cried, and he cried. And then he told me about Paula, Trevor and Adrian. So I reached out to all three of them. This all happened in one day. I was so excited – what a day!"

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The five remain adamant that they're not looking for anything from their world famous half-sibling.

Adrian said: "Dwayne has nothing to do with the decisions that his dad made; he doesn’t even know who we are."

Lisa agreed: "Dwayne doesn’t owe us anything."


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