Fireball blast turns ‘night into day’ as Russia strikes ‘motor plant’ in Ukraine

A video shared online shows a devastating explosion in the western city of Ukraine, sending a smoke cloud into the sky and turning night into day.

The catastrophic scene reportedly took place in Lutsk on Friday morning (March 11) as multiple witnesses shared footage of the huge blast from different angles within the city.

In one video filmed from inside a building, the explosion shoots a fireball to the sky with smoke billowing all around, followed by flames and sparks.

Another clip taken from a further distance captures the moment of the explosion right after the missile strikes the infrastructure in the city.

The impact lights up the dark sky and turns night into a hue of orange and yellow, shocking residents.

Rob Lee, a military expert and senior fellow at Foreign Policy Research Institute, shared the videos on Twitter and wrote: "Video of a large explosion in Lutsk and another video reportedly of a Russian strike on Lutsk."

Lutsk mayor Ihor Polishchuk confirmed today that several explosions were heard in the city as he wrote on Facebook: "Explosions were heard near the airfield.

"Everyone go to bomb shelters! Do not publish any photos, addresses and locations!"

Russia's Defence Ministry Igor Konashenkov confirmed Russia had struck airfields in Lutsk and Ivano-Frankivsk in western Ukraine on Friday morning.

The officials were quoted saying they carried "high-precision attacks using long-range precision weapons".

Unconfirmed reports suggested the explosion was at a "motor plant", which was responsible for repairing engines for military transports.

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The cities in the west had previously not been targeted by Russia and many civilians continue to flee west, to places like Lviv, in search of safety.

But Friday's missile attacks are seen on cities on either side of it.

Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy on Thursday refuted Russian claims that chemical weapons or weapons of mass destruction were developed in Ukraine.

He also warned that Russia would get "the most severe sanctions response" if it were to use such weapons against Ukraine.

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