Fans ‘disprove’ claim Meghan Markle was only royal to cry during Queen’s funeral

Royal fans have swung back at claims that Meghan Markle was the only person to cry at the Queen’s funeral.

Images showing the Duchess of Sussex shedding a tear have been circulating widely online and have caused some to claim she was one of the few members of the family to show proper "dignity".

Eagle-eyed fans of the family have, however, pointed to a number of other snaps grabbed from the day of the Queen’s funeral (September 19), which show claims there wasn’t a wet eye in the house were unfounded.

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Twitter user @SussexDetective posted on the site that they believed Meghan had been the only one to well up.

Above a picture of the Duchess dabbing a wet cheek they wrote: “Meghan being the only one who cried for the Queen…. Sums up everything really”.

Then, in an image of Harry and Meghan, added: “The only two I feel for today as they show dignity and love to the Queen for the entire mourning period.”

But the claims appeared to be untrue, with a second user being quick to jump in and point out that multiple other members of the Royal Family had in fact broken down in tears during the funeral proceedings for the Queen on Monday.

Responding to the tweets, @DallasJacq, said: “People just saying anything on this app lmaooo I can’t”.

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Then, with his image, he posted pictures of members of the family struggling to keep back tears as they said goodbye to their beloved mother, grandmother and Queen.

The images included a grab of King Charles III, who has worked tirelessly since the death of his mother to remain steadfast as the nation grieves, shedding a tear as he stood over beautifully laid bouquets of flowers.

Also in the reel was a picture of Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex and Forfar, as well as a snap of his wife, Sophie, Countess of Wessex and Forfar.

In the two separate images, the pair can both be seen shedding a tear.

Edward, the Queen’s youngest son, even appears to be blowing his nose in a handkerchief.

In the final of the four snaps, the young James Viscount Severn, can be seen putting a hand to his face as he tried to come to terms with the death of his grandmother.

The Queen's funeral saw thousands of mourners turn out to pay their respects to the bereaved family, while billions were expected to have tuned in from home.


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