Family’s hidden rude message on dad’s headstone doesn’t impress cemetery staff

A grieving family have locked horns with a cemetery over an explicit message contained within a humorous tribute on the headstone of a fun-loving father.

The rude secret message has caused outrage among cemetery staff, but his family believes it's the perfect tribute to his sense of humour.

Steven Owens' family wanted to remember the fun, light-hearted side of their late relative so sneakily included his favourite "term of endearment" into what looks like a standard message of remembrance.

However the eagle-eyed will spot that adding together the first letter of each line, you get a far more outrageous epitaph, with Steven giving one final "F*** off" from beyond the grave.

Steven regularly used the term "F*** off" in a jokey manner, according to the Owens family who say the message was meant as a harmless way to remember him.

The marker reads: "Forever in our hearts. Until we meet again. Cherished memories. Known as. Our son, brother. Father, papa, uncle. Friend and cousin."

"It was definitely his term of endearment," said Steven’s daughter Lindsay Owens speaking with the news station WIBW.

"If he didn’t like you, he didn’t speak to you.

"It’s just who he was."

Unfortunately, stuffy staff at the Warren-Powers Cemetery in Polk County, Iowa, reportedly aren't so keen on the tribute.

They have been against the gesture and believe such profanity is unsuitable for a place of eternal rest.

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However, the Owens family is hopeful the controversial gravestone will stay put.

Steven’s son Zachary Owens added: "No one’s forcing anyone to come out and look at it. That’s a choice that you make.

"We didn’t do it to offend anyone, make anyone mad or hurt anyone’s feelings. We did it because it was our father, and we love him, and that’s how we remember him."

It's unclear at the time of writing whether or not the Owens family will have no choice but to swap the headstone for something more traditional.

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