Exterminator amazed as huge 3ft wasps nest with 100,000 insects found in attic

A pest controller was shocked after he found a huge wasps nest that stood at a whopping 3 ft tall.

Ralph Clews was at a job in Rugby when he came across the spectacle, which he says was home to 100,000 wasps.

"It was absolutely huge, you can see how big it is as I'm 6 ft 1 and 28 stone,” the stunned insect exterminator told CoventryLive.

"There were three nests in the loft in all, one about twice the size of a football, but this one was unbelievable.

"I only just managed to get it through the loft hatch. This is the biggest one I've ever seen, and I've being doing it since 1997.”

Luckily for Ralph, the gang of wasps was killed before he removed their nest.

But the pest controller pointed out that his job doesn’t just involve destroying bugs.

"It's not all about killing things, that's why we're called RC Pest Management,” he explained.

“Because we don't just kill things, we manage them too – if someone's got a pigeons in their solar panels, you proof the panels, then the pigeons go and roost somewhere else."

The nest, which was over 70 inches wide, was built by the wasps in just one year.

"They don't use old nests, so it would have been built in one season,” Ralph added.

“Each year the queen finds somewhere new and they start again.

“They use old rotten timber, mixed with their saliva, so it's actually made of wood, but it's thin as paper, a bit like paper mache."

Alongside his day job, Ralph looks after bees for fun and a supply of honey.

He said: "I keep bees to help out, we get calls for swarms of bees, around May time, I collect them, put them into hives, keep the bees, collect the honey and keep it for myself.

"Or I'll help people who are looking to start a bee hive, I can can provide a nuke box, a small colony of bees, then it's something new for someone else."

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