Ex-WWE star Mandy Rose admits to rating fans d**k pics for money

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    Ex-WWE wrestler Mandy Rose was released from the company after her racy activity on premium content site FanTime was deemed unacceptable but now the star has revealed she has rated explicit pics for cash .

    Some of the interactions she had with fans included Rose receiving many unsolicited nude photos from male fans.

    It turned out the star was actually rating her fans' d*ck pics for money.

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    While speaking on The Sessions, Mandy was asked about the rumour and the former NXT Women’s Champion happily admitted that rating system is “definitely a thing.”

    She explained how she was being sent the explicit images anyway, so decided she may as well turn them into something that could be monetised.

    She said: "Oh, you caught me for a loop on that one. It is a thing, I will say that. It’s definitely a thing, it’s crazy.

    "I mean … we all get them in the DMs, so you know what? I might as well make the most of it."

    Mandy also revealed her DMs are awash with perverts, who send bizarre messages.

    “I mean, everything, I don’t even know where to begin,” she said.

    Mandy went on to say that she prefers to use subscription-based platform FanTime because it's more “exclusive and intimate” there.

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    On December 13, Mandy lost the NXT Women's Championship to Roxanne Perez in a rematch, ending her unbeaten run of 413 days.

    The next day she had her WWE contract terminated because of her FanTime content.

    In 2015, Mandy came second on the WWE competition Tough Enough, before signing professionally with WWE and joining the cast of reality television show Total Divas.

    She made her debut in November 2017 alongside Paige and Sonya Deville.

    For approximately three years, Mandy competed alongside Deville and they were known as Fire and Desire.

    Contracts with WWE are highly sought after with those that get them expected to adhere completely to the many rules and regulations.

    WWE's sacking of her was reportedly due to her actions on the subscription website falling 'outside the parameters' of her contract, but Mandy has stated she was never warned about it.

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