Evil wife jailed for helping husband rape and murder eight-year-old girl

A wife who helped kidnap an eight-year-old girl so her monster husband could rape and murder her has been jailed for 15 years.

Kristina Dvornikova, 32, was also convicted by a Russian court of incitement to murder the child, Vika Teplyakova, who had run away from home after an argument with her parents.

The woman’s husband Igor Dvornikov, 46, was convicted of the kidnap, rape, and murder of the girl, and was jailed for life.

CCTV footage showed Vika in a T-shirt and blue shorts walking alone on Sakhalin island, on her way to see friends after a row with her parents.

More than 500 volunteers joined the search for Vika but she was missing three days before Dvornikova admitted to police that she and her husband had given the girl a lift.

A statement from the court said: "The couple decided to kidnap the child in order to subsequently satisfy the man's sexual needs."

The court added that the presence of the woman made Vika feel safe in accepting a lift, and the barbaric couple "took advantage of the girl's credulity".

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Its statement went on: "Taking advantage of the helpless state of the child, the defendants took her to a forest near the village of Ozhidaevo."

In his wife’s presence, “the drunken man threw the girl on her back in the car, raped her and then committed other violent acts of a sexual nature against her".

He suffocated her by holding a plastic bag over her head before burying her body near a river.

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Dvornikova told the court that she was a victim of domestic violence and "could not resist her husband".

But prosecutor Yulia Pilgui said the case had proved her active role in kidnapping the girl and "incitement to commit rape" against the child.

Her husband told the court that although he had met Vika, it was actually Dvornikova who had attacked and killed the helpless girl.

As he was taken away, he shouted: "I do not agree with the sentence…I did not commit this."

He was also convicted of murdering a woman and a Chinese man in 2001, and of the rape of an underage girl in 2018.

Police sources said a lot of rape pornography was found on his computer.

Vika’s mum Ulyana Teplyakova, 32, had said before the trial: "I hope that soon these people will end up in hell."

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They deserved a "terrible and painful" punishment, she said. Her daughter was "kind and friendly, obedient, a regular child, all her friends loved her".

Her mum added: "She loved football, playing it with boys and girls. She loved drawing, singing, and making videos. She was a very artistic girl."

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