Eric Trump ‘wrestled to ground’ when bullied about mother’s modelling past

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The US presidential election is just over a month away. It is full steam ahead for the Republican camp, as the incumbent, Donald Trump, looks to secure a second term in the White House. His closest team members are his family: the First Lady of the United States (FLOTUS) Melania Trump, and his children, Ivanka Trump, Don Trump Jr, and the youngest out of the trio, Eric Trump.

Eric, the 36-year-old lesser known Trump child, regularly appears on Fox News to fight his father’s political corner.

In May, as the coronavirus pandemic gripped the US – and still does – Eric controversially suggested that the pandemic will “magically all of a sudden go away and disappear”.

He added that he believed the Democrats were using the coronavirus as a strategy to stop his father being reelected, claiming that the “Democrats are trying to milk this for everything they can, and it’s sad”.

In a rare 2017 interview, City & State New York spoke to Eric, who offered several anecdotes about his time at the prestigious fee-paying Hill School in Pennsylvania.

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Here, one story recounted the tortuous bullying Eric was subjected to after his classmates discovered the modelling past of his mother, Ivana Trump.

The publication explained: “The dormitories were a steam valve of pent-up teenage angst.

“Existence was an endless stream of pranks, taunts and foul language.

“Classmates tormented Eric by downloading pictures of his famous mother and sister, then posting doctored photos of them around the dorm or on his computer background. Eric would respond by tackling the giggling offenders and wrestling matches would ensue.

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“This was the jungle law of boarding school.

“Telling lewd jokes about someone’s sister was expected, but so was the requisite beatdown.

“However, Eric says he gave as good as he got, being taller and, perhaps, particularly well-motivated.”

Earlier on in the interview, Eric’s schoolboy shenanigans were also brought to light, him being described by a former classmate as “silly” – a trait which often “led him astray”.


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One landmark event saw him gain the nickname he still has today among Hill School alumni – “choad”.

It came during a school hockey game, when “Eric and other Hill boys were razzing their opponents”.

The arena went silent, and Eric shouted out “No. 15 is a choad!”

“It stuck. Eric’s friends would teasingly but lovingly call him ‘choad’ for the rest of his time at Hill – a moniker featured at the top of his yearbook profile,” the publication said.

It went on to note that despite his family being one of the wealthiest in the country, Eric had little access to cash while studying, and explained: “When his roommates ordered food from Hing San, he would haunt the doorway, looking for french fries.

“On excursions to the cineplex, classmates remember having to buy the billionaire’s son a movie ticket.

“His scavenging even earned him a yearbook superlative: ‘biggest mooch.’”

Eric, like most of the Trump children, has made his fortune working for his father’s real estate company.

He also appeared on 23 episodes of “The Apprentice” US as a boardroom judge.

Both Eric and Don Jr sit as executive vice president for the Trump Organisation.

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